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Buying and Selling Businesses

Here at Mepstead Lawyers we provide a full range of advice and support on all aspects of business and commercial transactions from buying or selling a franchise to the local milk bar. Our commercial team brings a wealth of experience assisting both buyers and sellers in the buying or selling of businesses regardless of the size or location of the business.

We believe in the need for plain language and we deliver easy to understand contracts that protect your commercial interest and provide certainty on the process of the deal.

Any commercial transaction should be on commercial terms and conditions and we approach each sale or purchase on a practical and commercial basis.

Some issues to consider are:

  • Entity in which you are purchasing the business.
  • Restraints on the seller after completion.
  • Security of tenure of the premises from where the business is conducted.
  • Employee entitlements and potential employee issues.
  • Stamp duty
  • CGT
  • GST
  • Going Concern Provisions

Contact us here at Mepstead Lawyers for all your needs for buying and selling of business.