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Here we understand that the cost of conveyancing is a relevant consideration with all property transactions, however, as this is probably one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime you should consider the benefits of having proper legal advice to ensure your interests are safeguarded. We note that conveyancers are not qualified to give legal advice and are not insured to give such advise so to take such advice without having it in writing from a lawyer – you do so at your own peril.

You will be surprised to find the conveyancing services friendly and competitively priced.

Often there is no need to attend our offices with instructions being done via telephone, ordinary mail and email with clients, hence we can provide a low-cost service Victoria wide with no limitations due to your or our physical location.

You can of course attend at our offices when:

  • Conveyancing Berwick
  • Conveyancing Pakenham
  • Conveyancing Cranbourne
  • Clyde North
  • Clyde
  • Conveyancing Narre Warren
  • Conveyancing Clyde
  • Conveyancing Dandenong
  • Conveyancing Bunyip
  • Conveyancing Officer
  • Conveyancing Warragul
  • Conveyancing Gippsland
  • Conveyancing Melbourne wide
  • Conveyancing Victoria wide.

We have years of experience combined with a corporate approach, the staff will assist in buying or selling your home, unit, vacant block, strata title, commercial real estate or rural property.

We can assist with:

  • Buying, Selling and love and Affection Transfers;
  • Advice for first home buyers including the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) Stamp Duties and concessions;
  • Liaison with financial institutions regarding deposit bonds, loans, mortgages and discharges of mortgages;
  • Legal advice in regard to real estate contract law;
  • The cooling off period and deposits;
  • Auction contracts and purchases off-the-plan;
  • Water rights;
  • Drafting and reviewing Contracts of Sale and Auction Contracts;
  • Execution of contracts and settlement;
  • Put and Call Options;
  • Property Title including Torrens, old system, qualified, strata, or crown;
  • Property tenancy including joint tenants and tenants in common;
  • Vendor’s Statement, general conditions, and special conditions;
  • Retirement Village purchases, leases and service contracts (refer separate pages);
  • Commercial and retail property – including planning and leasing;
  • Adjustments to the purchase price regarding rates and allowances;
  • Advice in regard to easements and covenants on title searches;

Lawyer Versus a Licensed Conveyancer?

There are in broad terms two kinds of conveyancers lawyers and licensed conveyancers. Licensed conveyancers are non-lawyers who have been licensed to perform a part of the legal work associated with a real estate transaction, so long as it does not go beyond “conveyancing work” as defined in the Conveyancers Act 2006. There are also some conveyancers that have limited licences or restrictions where they cannot do all the work required in regard to “conveyancing work”. As a result if a legal dispute occurs all conveyancers are duty bound to refer a client to a qualified lawyer for further assistance e.g. whenever the matter goes beyond simple “conveyancing work”, or involves issues too complex for the licensed conveyancer to handle that’s why they say or advertise they retain a lawyer for all legal work but this is often not the case. Unfortunately, on some occasions they offer legal advice without referring the individual matter to a “their” lawyer for review or advice as each matter is usually factually different. The need for licensed conveyancers to refer clients to lawyers for complex matters and issues that take the matter beyond “conveyancing work” renders the licensed conveyancer an expensive “middle-man” when the total cost of the transaction is billed as there lawyer doesn’t work for free!.

Accordingly, a lawyer is the most practical solution as the only purported basis on which licensed conveyancer can attract the attention of clients and entice them away from lawyers is by offering comparable services for lower fee i.e. price. However, this is quite impossible as a licensed conveyancer can never offer the same level of service, or range of complementary services, as those offered by lawyers and in many cases such as here our fees are equal to or lower than many conveyancing firms.

In addition we do not pay “referral fees”, “kickbacks”, “secret commissions” or “soft bribes” to real estate agents or financiers or any other third party as this cost of a the “referral payments” is a cost that is inevitably passed on to you the consumer, be it either in higher conveyancing costs or lower levels of service. We work exclusively for you the client, not the agent or any third party and we only work in the client’s best interests.

Fixed Price Conveyancing

We offer fixed price conveyancing services on the sale and/or purchase of residential and commercial properties here in Victoria with no fees payable upfront. A fixed price ensures that costs are contained and that you receive prompt and efficient delivery of services for your property transactions.

Whether you are acquiring commercial property for business use, an investment property to create financial security, or buying a family home, it is very important to obtain good legal advice before committing yourself to a contract. Any mistake or oversight can lead to a very substantial loss in the future.

We endeavour to provide our conveyancing services at competitive rates and charge fixed fees for most transactions at a price that is very competitive with both lawyers and conveyancers.