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Here we understand the sentimental & emotional issues involved in making a will and administering an estate. We also recognise that not all family circumstances are the same. Depending on the circumstances, a simple will may be required for some, whereas a complex will with special testamentary trust provisions may be required for others.

Planning and ensuring that the people you care about are financially protected both before and after your death. This is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. The process of considering how you want your assets to be distributed is usually referred to as “Estate Planning”. This is the preliminary process of anticipating and arranging the disposal of your estate. The final process of estate planning is creating a valid and legally enforceable will & power of attorney (if applicable).

Proper estate planning eliminates uncertainties about the management of your assets while you are living. This also includes the method of the disposal of your assets after your death. Andrews Legal Group trading as we can assist you with proper advice with Wills and powers of attorney. We also provide the advice necessary for the disposal of your estate to minimise the impact on your beneficiaries. This help maximises the benefits of the bequests conferred on them under the will.
Wills not drafted professionally run a serious risk of being deemed invalid. This is due to the law relating to inheritance being very rigid and strict in Australia. If you do not leave a will or the will is invalid, several problems can arise for those you leave behind. The rules relating to the disposal of assets where there is no will or a will is deemed invalid (intestacy) are complex. The disposition of those assets may not comply with what you would necessarily want. Further, some person other than a family member may control the estate.

We can assist you in making your will at a very affordable price. We can also visit you at your home for an additional cost if you’re facing difficulties coming to us.

We also can assist with application for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration if one has deceased without leaving a will. We handle those matters with the utmost dignity and ensure that the deceased person’s wishes are upheld.